Regulation of the race


Art. 1º The race

The VERTICAL RACE, is a vertical race, organized by the company Qualité Sport, in collaboration with RIVERSUN, where there will be 8 time trial runners every minute. There will be three modalities to choose among the participants, VERTICAL PRO (INDIVIDUAL) VERTICAL 2 AND VERTICAL 4, each participant having an exit time established by the organization. The tour will begin in a small tour on the beach of Puerto Rico to the Hotel Riosol, where athletes will have to overcome the 910 steps of the route.


Art. 2º  Inscriptions, requirements and obligations of the participants

2.1 Inscriptions

Only registrations made online, on the official website, Registration section will be accepted. Each participant must correctly fill in all their personal data, as these will be collated by the organization during the withdrawal of numbers. The registration is personal and non-transferable and implies the acceptance of these regulations. From the moment of registration there will be no refund of the amount in case of non-participation, whatever the reason. In case of suspension of the test before its start, the organization will proceed to refund the amount of the registration. The number of places is limited to:

  • VERTICAL PRO (INDIVIDUAL): (100 participants)
  • VERTICAL 2: 100 TEAMS MASC, FEM and MIX (200 Participants)
  • VERTICAL 4: 100 TEAMS MASC, FEM and MIX (400 participants)

2.2 Participation requirements

  • Be of age.

  • Know and accept the conditions of this regulation.

  • Make the registration correctly.


2.3 Mandatory material

The runner’s number may be picked up the same day of the race, October 5, on the terrace of the RIOSOL HOTEL from 5:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

The runner’s number must be placed at the front of the participant at chest height, being visible at all times for the organization. A timing chip will also be delivered, which must be returned once the finish line has been passed.


2.4 Image rights

The Organization reserves exclusive rights to the image of the event, as well as the audiovisual, photographic and journalistic exploitation of the competition. Any media or advertising project must previously have the consent of the organization.

2.5 Rights of the participant when registering

Upon registration, the participant shall have the right to:

  • Participate in the test

  • Test T-shirt

  • Sports insurance on the day of the test

  • Custom back

  • Timing chip

  • Liquid refreshment facilitated by the organization in the positions authorized for this purpose.

  • A zone for cloakrooms will be established.

  • To remove the backpack or similar is necessary and essential to present the number.

  • Prizes for different categories.

  • Prize draw.


2.6 Delivery of numbers

The runner’s number may be picked up the same day of the race, October 5, on the terrace of the RIOSOL HOTEL from 5:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.


Art. 3º Registration price, route and departure of participants

3.1 Price and registration period

2 price bands are established according to the moment in which the registration is made:

  • € 8 until 09/15/2019
  • € 10 until 10/02/2019

3.2 Departure of participants

The start of the race will be time trial, groups of 8 and departures every MINUTE. The final schedules per round will be published one week before the race on the official website of the event Once the registrations are closed, the organization will publish the list of departure times for each participant or each group of them, published on the website Participants must be in the call chamber 10 minutes before the assigned departure time.


Art. 4th Categories, awards and registration by teams

4.1 Categories

  • Senior: 18 to 39 years old, male and female
  • Master 1: From 40 to 49 years old, male and female
  • Master 2: From 50 onwards, male and female
    The top 3 men’s, women’s and mixed teams will receive a trophy
    The top 3 men’s, women’s and mixed teams will receive a trophy
    The first classified men, women and mixed will receive the trophy
    NOTE: Mixed equipment is considered to be those that exist at least one component of each sex.
    Participant, male and female with older age (including all categories)


4.2 Team Inscriptions (VERTICAL 2 y VERTICAL 4)

You can make your own equipment, Vertical 2 (2 components) or Vertical 4 (4 components). It is not mandatory that the team members go together during the course of the test, being able to pass separately at the finish line or through the different control points. The sum of the times of the team members who cross the finish line will be obtained and will win the least total time sum. The registration of the same will be made jointly and in a single payment.



1st CLASSIFIED FEM – 250 €

2nd CLASSIFIED FEM – 150 €







Art. 5º Abandonment of the test and safety regulations

The abandonments will be made at the control points that will be marked during the tour. If, due to injury to the runner, he can not reach the first checkpoint, he should withdraw as far as possible from the course of the test and ask another competitor to notify him at the nearest control point. In case the competitor could reach the control points he must inform the members of the organization located at such points of his abandonment. Any competitor who leaves the course without permission of the organization will be excluded from the test. Once you reach the goal, there will be a liquid refreshment station, you must go down the authorized area, always guided by members of the organization. You can only consume liquid and solid foods at the refreshment stations, it being strictly forbidden to consume them during the race.


Art. 6º Disqualifications

Participants who present violent behavior, advocate terrorism, show violent or xenophobic aptitudes, or throw garbage will be disqualified from the competition. It is mandatory to respect the real estate of the building and its private property. The participants will be responsible for the damages caused. Every runner has the duty to provide relief to another participant who is in danger or injured, being obliged to communicate it to the closest control immediately. The deprivation of aid will be penalized with immediate disqualification. All runners must complete the route marked and marked by the organization. Not respecting it or not going through any of the established controls will cause disqualification. The participants must follow, at all times and throughout the tour, the instructions of the members of the organization. Competitors must behave athletically at all times and be respectful to other athletes, members of the organization and public attending. In addition, they must be careful with the facilities enabled for the test. The health services and ambulances, coordinated by the medical team, will be located in the Departure / Target area. Any runner with medical problems (allergy, special attentions, etc.) must do so in the “observations” section when formalizing the registration. You can also let the Organization know through the CONTACT form on the website.


Art. 7º Race Direction

The race coordinators may suspend, shorten, neutralize or stop the race for safety reasons or force majeure beyond their control.

7.1 Sporting commissioners

They are responsible for the participants to comply with the established route. Failure to obey the instructions of a sports commissar implies DISQUALIFICATION. The participants will not be able to claim or question the classifications, etc., to the sports commissioners.


Art. 8º Modifications

The present regulation can be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the organization, as well as any data, norm or section for an optimal performance of the test. The fact of making the registration shows the conformity of the participant with this regulation.

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